Acropolis School of Real Estate will host an Open House in celebration of our 12th year anniversary. The free event is open to the public and will be held on Sunday, February 16, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 238 Main Street, Suite 109, Hackensack NJ.  Light refreshments will be provided.                                                                                 

Our open house will provide a wonderful opportunity to visit the classroom, speak with staff and instructors and learn more about Acropolis School of Real Estate’s available flexible schedules, tuition and New Jersey State requirements.             


We are excited to be able to open our doors to our community and explore the options a real estate career may offer.





Your Journey into the amazing and unpredictable world of the Real Estate Industry and subsequent SUCCESS starts with your enrollment at any of our schools in caption. 


You will enjoy the Instructor's crisp, conversational style that practically eliminates the tedium of learning, and you will appreciate the logical, progressive sequence and simplicity by which the material is delivered to the class; a strategy that helps adult students understand, process and remember.


We offer the finest instruction in the real estate profession, with over 60 years combined experience in all phases of the real estate industry, we will guide you through your new chosen career and unlimited financial path with diligence and pride in your success.


We are accredited and licensed by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission to conduct license preparation courses for Real Estate Salesperson, Broker salesperson, Instructors, as well as Continuing Education (CE).


Our instructors are leading Commercial Real Estate Practitioners, Commercial and Business Brokers / Valuators and Real Estate Investors with over 76 years of uninterrupted experience in all phases of the real estate industry. Instructors who explore trends and address issues that are relevant to the modern real estate industry. Students receive a solid preparation for the New Jersey Real Estate exam as well as real-world education ready to be applied to the student's future working environment.


Come in through our doors hungry for an amazing real estate learning experience and leave with an arsenal of real estate knowledge ready for first-time real estate exam success and beyond.


(Note: Please take a moment and find out about our amazing student tuition discounts  

            on all our other services, such as Real Estate Investment Seminars, ETC.)


 We firmly believe, simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. 


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                                    please contact:  


                          Kathy at...... 1- 973 - 832 - 4353



                            PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE,

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